Apple Products

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You’ll find some REAL Apple products that you can buy from amazon based on my recommendations. Remember every time you click through my website you’re helping my small business stay alive as an amazon affiliate. So please bookmark this page and check out my other recommendations. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Thanks

AirPods! We need them for phone calls, zoom calls gaming.

For most the regular bipods are great, they charge with the standard lighting cable or a wireless charging option is available as well. I use these everyday.

For those of your who need noise cancellation (too many people working/studying at home!) and want a longer battery life try the AirPods pro.

if AirPods are not your thing just get another set of wired headphones, cheap and effective!

Want a pair for your computer? most computers still have a headphone jack so ask me if yours does and buy these.

Charging cables, everyone needs and wants faster charging. These are made by Apple and more expensive but you get ¬†faster charging, ¬†it’s worth it!

The fastest! YOu’ll need a cord and the adaptor.
Cord –


The next best thing. Not all iPhones and iPads can be charged with the above charger. However this Medium Charger (image below) will charge all your devices faster than the small charger you get with a phone or any of the knock offs that are on sold many places. Also pick up this Standard USB to Lighting cord if you need it. it comes in 3 sizes, I only recommend the 1 or 2 meters in length.