Allergy Recommendations

Allergies, wildfire smoke, or just plain poor air quality can all lead to you feeling gross.

Nobody wants to feel gross so here are my personal recommendations for things that make me feel great.As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
This smallish air purifier is perfect for every room, it’s simple and discrete and provides a soothing white noise as it purifies the air in the room.

Stock up on extra air filters now or come back her to find the right one for the purifier above.

Do you have problems with post nasal drip or clogged sinuses from all the irritants around? I’ve been using Rhinocort for years and it gets straight to the point, up your nose that is and into those sinus cavities to help them let go of all that gunk. Try it to believe it.



I know you love to exercise but have you spent enough time rolling out your muscles? This foam roller is perfect.

Foam Roller –

Need a new way to exercise indoors, or just want to tone those legs in a new way? Try these floor sliders, they work every muscle of your legs and your CORE! Be careful at first you don’t want to fall!

Sliders –